Wednesday, January 13, 2016

#RibLifeDiaries: Trusting God with Relationships

This video was not intended to be almost 30 MINUTES (omg!) long, but I decided to video journal about a lesson I was learning and from there came this video. I thought it would be pretty cool to start this #RibLifeDiaries series to give you guys some insight on my day-to-day evolution in this journey. 

Peace + Love,
xo, Nic

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Why I Kissed Dating Goodbye...

Hey friends!

Today I thought would be a great day to address a topic dear to my heart--a topic I live my every day life with so much joy, so much fulfillment, so much...I am soooooooo lying, it's not always that joyous and exciting (LOL). But today we're going to talk about why this 22-year-old fly girl kissed dating goodbye!

So here's the story:

My junior year of college my best friend Brianna told me about this book she read called "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" by Joshua Harris and how she was no longer dating...huh?! You can bet I looked at her like she was crazy. We were both 20 at the time--I was in a relationship and I don't remember if she was or wasn't, but all I knew was that here we both were on my bedroom floor of our college apartment and she telling me something crazy. "Like how are you going to get married silly?"

She went on to try and explain it to me and it didn't make ANY sense until maybe a year and a half later. Basically, she was no longer giving into the worldly idea and concept of what it means to date (You'll hear more about this in her video I attached at the bottom).

Around the end of February that same school year, my relationship ended. I was reevaluating my past relationships and my dating habits in general and I wondered again, how did what I was doing in my relationships differ from what Bri was talking about? I mean I had only been in 3 serious relationships-God existed in each...right...well....okay nevermind, but I hadn't just been with these men to be with them. I had intentions of a future, a marriage, a family. I wasn't dating for the sole intent of having a "boyfriend." The difference, though, is purpose.

How Brianna and I define "dating/courting" are a tad different, but one thing I think we both agree on is that we both desire to be pursued God's way and ONLY "date/court" with the intent to be married with a purpose.

So what is purpose?

The definition of purpose is the reason for which something is done or created for which something exists; basically why something was created. For me, I don't want to be married just because it's cute and I want to be able to be laid up with someone without sinning. DUB. That's not the point of marriage. God's intent for marriage was way bigger than that-to glorify HIM.

Going back to my decision, I decided that if God had truly placed the desire to be married and have a family on my heart, it was to fulfill His plan and purpose for my life, in order to glorify Him. That meant that I just couldn't date these random guys anymore! Couldn't be laid up with bae, Netflix and Chilling. My life had a purpose--God had a purpose for me and there was more that He was requiring of me..."worldly dating" wasn't it either.

As stated in a previous post, the idea of dating, according to most, means going out there and meeting different people. You may meet three different people, go on dates with them, interact with them, and do all of that to get to know them. Then you pick which one you feel meets your expectations/compliments you, and cut the rest off. And if you find out you don't like any of them, you go on more dates to find a new batch!

Doing it God's way is different. Instead of going through this "process of elimination," God has already created the man He has intended for me to marry, so there's no need for this "process of elimination;" only that I be patient and wait in Him to reveal that man in due time. Me waiting in Him is me working, serving, fulfilling my purpose even in my singleness (Proverbs 31, Ruth 2-3).

Now after this epiphany, was I always excited about it? NOPE! (I sometimes think I run things in my life) Around two months before I moved from my hometown to a new city, I decided I was going to try and hit the dating scene! I told y'all before, ya girl was REEEEEAAAADDDYYYYY!!!!! I was going to be out here-cute, single, and ready to mingle. God shut that down so quick. Y'all I got no play out here! None. At. All. He had other plans CLEARLY!

That's when it really hit me-I wasn't called to "just date." I wasn't called to be another in some random's weekly or monthly rotation. God intended for me to be pursued by Him and only when a man is in Him first, will God reveal me to the one that He has created for me to pursue me. Ladies, we don't have to date to find the one. The Word of our Father says in Proverbs 18:22 that, He that finds a wife, finds a good thing. The keyword here is HE--it wasn't God's intention for a woman to find her husband; your husband is supposed to find you and pursue you. That means you have to be patient and wait on God!

The Word of God talks about the union of marriage and how big of a deal it is in Genesis 2:22-24. When a couple marries, the two become one flesh spiritually (Mark 10:8), meaning all that goes with that person's spirit, goes with you. I'm not about to do it my way and be one in the flesh with the wrong man! Not A Chance! I'll wait!

There are also responsibilities and tasks of each spouse that come with marriage stated in 1 Corinthians 7:1-16 and Ephesians 5:22-33 that I'm not about to be doing or working out with the wrong Adam. God reminds us in Proverbs to purposely not trust our own judgement for a reason when it comes to certain things.

Now is there any specific scripture on dating? Honestly, no. God intends for us to marry though, before we get in the marriage bed!!!! (MY EYES ARE STARING AT YOU!!!!!)

So why did I kiss dating goodbye? Because after loving each of these men, it still failed and we still did it wrong. I was tired of hurting as well. Breakups are rough! I didn't want to do it my way anymore. I wanted God's best for me and I wanted Him to have control over everything in my life, including my love life. So I'm waiting on God and I pray you will too!

Be sure to check out Bri's video here and checkout her website You can also check out another great video on Christians & Dating on Chase God TV featuring Joe Solomon here (he's hilarious and breaks it down in a pretty clear way).

In the meantime, be blessed!

Don't get weary during your season of waiting. Focus on the promise, not the process.

I'm praying for you; God loves you like crazy!
xo, Nic