Friday, October 3, 2014

Peter Pan

Peter Pan,
Leader of the lost boys, 
I used to wonder what it was like to travel to Neverland with you.
I used to wonder what euphoria felt like with you over a moon-lit sky,
Star gazing on top of the clouds,
Over looking our cities,
As we two star-crossed lovers flew into what I thought would be Paradise.
But I realized...I have a weakness...
I have a weakness for being your Wendy,
Peter Pan,
Not just your romantic lover but the clone of what should've been your mother,
I have a thorn in my side for cradle rocking your head to sleep within my chest to create a safe haven for your child-like fantasies.
But to be honest,
I am waiting for the day when you no longer play hide & go seek with your manhood...
Peter Pan,
The truth is I have gotten tired of playing forever young with you & my heart,
Of you defining what these here terms are so long as they agree with your Neverland, 
Peter Pan.
I've grown tired of watching you fly off window pane after window pane,
In search of what's left of your fantasies,
While I sit here and continue to yearn to understand because you never were really taught how to be a man,
While I continue to listen to your exquisite & intriguing explanations of why we should never grow up,
And it's true,
But there will soon come a day when all you'll have left is you...
Peter Pan,
You & some worn out false prophecy of your invincible youth,
You & the memories of you continuously telling me of the fairytales that I deserve,
The wishes you dream for me,
And I telling you of the man I need from you.
Peter Pan,
There was once upon a time when I believed in happily ever afters,
There was once upon a time when I had dreams of living forever too,
There was once upon a time when I believed in all those things with you...
Peter Pan,
I'm sorry to Captain Hook your illusions,
But I wonder are you afraid that life will catch you & make you into a man someday?
Is that the real reason you run?
Is that the real reason why all you can see in me is Wendy,
Is that the real reason why when I had Jane you began to resent me?
Peter Pan,
I'm sorry...
But it's time for me to return home,
And if that means in Neverland you stay,
I just hope there's a Tinker Bell within this place to remind you of the oblivion you can't escape.